Price Tag

It was a bright, Sunday afternoon when Dan was sitting at the corner of Olson’s, a local coffee shop that was slightly less disappointing than when Monica Lewinsky wasn’t as attractive as she was expected to be. As he took another bite from his sugar crusted honey almond bagel that he got every other Tuesday after his long meeting with Jenna, his boss who probably took part in no shave November, the usual flood of people came in through the two gold framed glass doors for the lunchtime rush. A couple wearing similar scarves with a fall color scheme, and elderly gentleman with a slick, dark navy fedora, an irritated career woman with a Hublot glimmering in the sun, and a teenager with a white shoulder bag with a button badge on it that said, “Sleep Less, Read More”.

There were more people behind in the line but Dan was not in the mood to intently study the irrelevant people lining up in line for some cup of diabetes with a side of high blood pressure. Not that he wasn’t guilty of it as well. It just doesn’t make sense to observe and watch people when he was off work. That was all he ever did ever since he was an intern at Jordan & Hobbes. People think that international marketing is all about being personable and being a good business person, managing time efficiently but a lot of the job lies in observing what goes on around you, the world, and most importantly the people you are dealing with. A great business can be crushed without the right personnel. But it gets stolen if you work with people who are too good.

Dan let out a sigh and looked down at his iPad. He had chosen the wrong one. His selected reading for the evening featured an adopted teenage girl who goes through a gender transformation surgery because of a traumatic event in which she saw her father getting raped by another man. The premise sounds like the most interesting thing ever, but the story is written like another young adult novel, with the focus on the emotional processions of the teenage girl who will most likely regret her decision to undergo the surgery.

As he was picking up the sugar bits spilled onto the paper napkin on top of the tray, he looked up for no particular reason. It wasn’t anything, really. Just another woman lining up in the coffee line, now a bit past the lunchtime rush but hard enough to find a seat just for yourself. However, Dan found himself unable to look away from her. She had almond brown hair, with a semi-wave all the way down with a curl at the end, her slender shoulders still did not prevent to compliment her physique epitomized by her midsection which was hidden behind her frilled white blouse, but it was still easy to tell. Her round hips lead all the way to her smooth legs that was slender even in her flat Oxford shoes. While all her body parts and the way they came together to form this beauty of a being that was seductive in every motion, it also brought onto her a sense of elegance and almost arrogance as she stood there waiting, holding her golden purse in her hand, pouting her lips at something she saw on her phone screen.

Ellie. Dan decided that was the name that suited her.


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