Scare Me, I Dare You

laughter is a scare

a loud resonance in a quiet room filled with cultural discontent

when the butterfly effect is waved away with the slightest wind of indifference

an appropriate culture of cultural appropriation


foreign comfort in the eyes of your mothers efforts for suffering-jets

a raging effort to imprison in 1919

two years after a drunken revolution

a northern hemisphere crossing two continents

a suite

divide up a lake and call it a border

comforting sights of disregard for human rights

an eye looking out for everyone

through an authorized source of technology

think about it

black face white face

appropriate frat parties

alcohol poisoning synonymous as joy

political correctness as a norm

rush PC

a hereditary privilege without color

a gorgeous woman with a lesser gender identity

phallic discrimination

a hall full of white colors

mental institutions with writing workshops

a college campus without freedom of speech

catholic schools vetoing homophobia awareness

religious restrictions of sexual activity

your mom jokes that are kind of okay

a site dedicated to hurt your feelings

and Grinch the green out of you

reality is too hard but the noble lie is not noble at all

and you think its okay when its done to other people

and your Halloween costume appropriates other races

inhibiting libertarians appeasing socialists and killing originality

Spokane spoke for you

the real horror you cant see

no, not the darkness and the unknown

but the known which is familiar

suddenly defamiliarized

take a step back and embrace your uncomfortness

your comfort zone is as far out as you make it

dear white people and you especially

and shame on you for shaming me

body shaming a six pack

you should embrace your blackness

or maybe that line sounded racist

you decide

im not scared to say shit and maybe that’s scary

or am I scared that I cant follow the rules properly

I really don’t know

but rather than looking behind your back for a horror story

why don’t we start by opening your eyes

you can make that an Asian joke an ill laugh with you

and some will find that uncomfortable

a white society offended by a black intention

cultural repression known as appropriation and appreciation

an in and out from consciousnesses

deeply rooted in your jeans

just do it

but what?

a republican committee trying to build a wall between me and you

and mexico

40% of illegal immigrants cross the border legally on a plane

and then overstay

while the half of you don’t get my poetry

of those half most of you might be afraid to say so

homerian works talking about courage in a way you scoff at and also admire too but

even Achilles died too, didn’t he?

a motivational speaker often tells you to look at the person next to you

and a wise man once said that horror is perceived through the eye

and I agree

an eye for an I


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