im flooding

lack and white coming at me in frames

romantic triplets

you are my coke dealer and im okay with that

fruits of life
stepping, stepping

and you light it up with passion


a cute imagery

halos flying over you

its still when I look in your eyes

and wonder about what you dont dream about


twin tales

green at the ends

flying towards curiosity

and what you deem as poetry

with your soft laugh

fitting like the notes you play

listening to your talking about love

and waves

and empty eyes filled with emotion

i wish, i wish

your arms seem longer than mine


one letter and you will be what I want you to be

funny hierarchy of tense tartness

i sense you

one step at a time

making sure everything is okay and looking the part


flying to Chicago seems easier than taking that lean in

45 degree hug upwards

i counted, tried not to look at you


side eyes

a beautiful day is also a beautiful night

from any angle

i dont know why but its there

a notion of irresponsible matureness

sharing common vice

losing its objective

caught in impulse for you and what pulls me towards destruction

its okay

really, its okay


once, twice,

but not three times

push and pull game of quarters hitting you on both sides of the cheek

keeping things in check

out of the lines you sold me

just for social purposes


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