if i can

they call me a poet

in my backwards hat

i usually dont make it to class nor get up in the a.m.

i eat a lot at once and fight the food coma with a frappuccino


i work on line breaks while watching basketball

i get drunk on thursdays cause i like my weekends long

and cause my best friend leaves me every friday to go see his girlfriend

im way too asian and pretty white at the same time


when i was enthralled by the romantic idea of not going to college and becoming a starving artist

my father convinced me to go

saying that

the people you meet are the real treasures in your life

hes a smart man and this stands true

but sometimes it feels like the real treasure in life is

actually like real money

some of that would be kinda nice

or a lot



they call me a poet

i watch many shows for “stimulation”

when im sad i eat mac and cheese and watch sex and the city

family guy gives me comfort

south park makes me feel like a rebel

and rick and morty makes me cynical

for like a day


some days i listen to bob dylan and live life like a rolling stone

other times biggie hypnotizes me and i earnestly yearn for the day i can say

mo money mo problems

but most of the time my disney playlist is on so that i can paint with all the colors of the wind and let it all go

and look for the bare necessities in life


i go to coffee shops and try to look sophisticated

sitting next to the window with coffee thats far from black and a blank word document

i have a sweet spot for tattooed girls

im scared of guys who wear their shirts way too tight

i take romantic drives at night and call them “artistic breaks”

which usually end with a triple meat whataburger meal

which i call my baby and buckle her tight cause

just hold on, we’re going home


they call me a poet

cause im too lazy to write in sentences

i dont use punctuation

i dont have to explain myself

i think its what im good at

and its how i think

i do spend hours fixated on a syllable

i have days where i feel like Shakespeare

and days i feel like i took the road that was never supposed to fucking be like taken at all

then i write about them and feel better


they call me a poet

then why not you